Childcare Vouchers

Our popular childcare vouchers are free from tax and NI allowing working parents to save over £900 per year, on childcare costs.

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Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services

Benefits and rewards that go the extra mile

We believe we are like any other company and like any other company, there is no greater asset than our people. People we employ and people we do business with. Based on this conviction, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services specialises in offering solutions that are specifically designed to help businesses successfully attract, motivate and retain employees and customers.
Our solution portfolio includes childcare vouchers, multi-store gift vouchers and reward schemes, which offer a proven way to incentivise employees, customers and third parties. Our solutions have grown in popularity and we now have 410,000 clients worldwide and operate in 34 different countries.

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26/03/2014 | Tax brackets changes for childcare vouchers

Be aware of the changes to childcare vouchers entitlements coming into effect on April 5th 2014

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25/03/2014 | Support for parents at risk after childcare reform

Support for parents at risk through Government’s flagship childcare reforms says chair of CVPA

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13/03/2014 | On the impact of changes to childcare funding

Changes to childcare funding may leave parents worse off, warns Sodexo's MD Iain McMath

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« Switching to Sodexo was very straightforward and pain free. It’s easy for employees to use. There is very little administration to do on a monthly basis, as well as being very clear and well laid out so you can see everything you need very quickly.»

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