Mobile and Computer Scheme

Mobile and Computer Scheme

Looking to purchase a new mobile, computer or the latest technical product?

Our mobile & computer scheme offers you great savings on a range of products.

What is a mobile and computer scheme? 

This scheme allows you to sacrifice a portion of your salary in return for a mobile phone (including Smartphones), computer, laptop or tablet. This gives you great savings on the latest technology, as you don’t pay tax and NI contributions on the amount you salary sacrifice.

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Salary sacrifice schemes that are available

There are 2 schemes available for you to join:

  •  Employee mobile scheme (EMS) 
    The EMS gives you the opportunity to get up to 42% off your next mobile phone (including the iPhone and other Smartphones) and contract. This includes a selection of the UK’s leading mobile networks, including Three and Orange.
  • Employee computer scheme (ECS) Save up to 12% on laptops, desktops and tablets through this salary sacrifice scheme. This includes hardware from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Dell and Samsung.

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