Discount Shopping

Discount Shopping

Complement your employee’s benefits package with Discount Shopping by Sodexo and reward your employees daily with brand discounts

Give your employees the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of discounts on well-known brands and increase your employee engagement.

What is Discount Shopping?

Discount Shopping by Sodexo will allow your employees to save money on hundreds of everyday purchases: from daily food shopping and fashion, to electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers plus car rentals and holidays. Discount Shopping helps your employees save up to £20 per week! On top of all these great discounts, Discount Shopping by Sodexo also offers cashback and WOWPoints, which can be used as cash on hundreds of offers.

5 reasons why you should choose Discount Shopping by Sodexo:

1. Great selection of retailers – reward your employees with the best offers from over 3500 local and high streets retailers and providers.

2. Integrated system – combine all of your existing Sodexo employee benefits to create one simple platform.

3. Customised – our secure web portal will be tailored to align with your existing branding.

4. Flexible – a vast range of discounts which can be redeemed online, in store and by phone. Plus, cashback and WOWpoints can be redeemed on hundred of offers.

5. Straightforward and easy to use – with 24/7 customer care and tutorial guides, we make sure that everything is simple and hassle free for you.

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