Online Reward Platform

Online Reward Platform

The Reward Portal - Premium is the next generation in incentive and recognition to motivate and reward your employees

It fully supports you in delivering an ambitious incentive and recognition strategy, and drives motivation, day after day, across your organisation.

The Reward Portal is an online reward platform which supports your incentive and recognition strategy. Whether you’re looking to reward employees for planned initiatives or recognised loyal customers, The Reward Portal allows you to send gifts or allocate points which can be redeemed in an extensive, market-priced catalogue with over 1800 gifts!

The Reward Portal comes with standardised features and optional ‘add-ons’, allowing you to create your own, customised programme, no matter what level of reward you’re currently at. So whether you’re looking for a simple tool to assist with reward delegation, or you’d like a more strategic programme for planned initiatives, The Reward Portal can support your business. Book a demo today to find out how!

Unsure which reward programme suits your organisation best?


Employees who feel appreciated by their organisation are more likely to be engaged and motivated at work. The Reward Portal supports you in creating a structured programme which is consistent across your organisation, helping you retain top talent, increase engagement and encourage positive behaviours.

Sodexo’s online platform can support you to:

  • Boost sales through managed incentives
  • Increase motivation with an engaging reward programme
  • Gain full visibility on your scheme’s success
  • Centralise administration for all employee rewards
  • Save on costs – no set up fee with pay as you go rewarding

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Not quite what you’re looking for?
If a formalised reward programme isn’t quite right for your business, our multi-choice gift card is the ideal alternative. Simply Gift is perfect for instant, ad-hoc rewarding such as ‘on-the-spot’ rewards. Take a look

The Reward Portal by Sodexo offers ultra-quick, hassle-free rewarding and comes with no initial set up fee and standard features. However, if you’re looking for a more complex programme for strategic initiatives and planned incentives, that’s not a problem! Simply choose your preferred ‘add-on’ features from the list below to create your very own bespoke portal!

Add on features include:

  • Peer to peer nominations to encourage positive behaviour
  • Celebrate event options – perfect for birthdays!
  • Incentive tracks to engage and motivate your employees
  • Participant newsfeed in social media style
  • Budget and authority delegation to give full visibility into managing your portal
  • Programme management for those who would like a bit more support

If you’d like to speak to one of our expert team to run through the most appropriate options for you and your business, or to discuss one of these features in further details, please get in touch.

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Great choice

We wanted an online system that would allow our employees to select a reward they would really appreciate, and we were particularly impressed with The Reward Portal’s extensive range of media, electronics and jewellery.

Ingeus HR Director