I want to reward above and beyond performance, long service and presenteeism

I want to reward monthly and annually above and beyond prizes, long service awards and presenteeism recognition

Our incentive and recognition solutions have been designed to specifically help you reward special events such as above and beyond, long service and presenteeism.

The Reward Portal – Premium will allow you to programme in special events so you never miss anything. It will also let you create peer-to-peer nomination actions so employees can reward each other for going above and beyond.

The Reward Portal – Off the shelf will allow you to simply send ecards or gifts to your employees from an online portal. This ensures you give them a reward that truly represents the occasion.

SayShopping Pass, our multi-store gift vouchers allow for on the spot reward and can be spent in over 60 high street, online and specialist retailers.

Multi-store gift Vouchers

Our multi-store gift vouchers can be used in many well-known retailers and are a great way to reward


Online Reward Platform

The Reward Portal is the next generation in incentive and recognition.


Simply Gift

Our Visa gift card can be spent at some of the best known high street and online brands

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