Online Reward Platform

Online Reward Platform

Online reward platform for strategic reward planning

Incentivise and recognise your employees with an online points-based platform with a large gift catalogue

What is The Reward Portal?

The Reward Portal by Sodexo is an online points-based platform which allows you to create a strategic reward programme in your organisation. Reward employees with gifts or allocate points to be redeemed in an extensive, market-priced gift catalogue with over 1800 items from yoga mats to iPads!

With a branded website, tailored communications and options for additional features, The Reward Portal is the ideal solution to support your company’s reward scheme. Book a demo today!

Not sure what reward programme is best for your organisation?
Take a look at our short video below to find the right reward for your business in just 2 minutes! 

Benefits of The Reward Portal

Sodexo’s online reward platform can support you to:

  • Boost sales by managing incentives that help keep targets visible and motivation high
  • Increase motivation with a structured and engaging reward programme
  • See what’s working with full visibility into the success of your scheme
  • Centralise administration for all employee rewards
  • Save on costs – pay as you go rewarding with no set up fee

Upgrading options

The Reward Portal comes with no set up fee and standard features that allow you to get your reward scheme up and running quickly and easily.  For those who are looking to take their reward strategy to the next level, we also provide a wide range of upgrading options. These are designed to help you create a customised platform, which is perfectly aligned to your company’s individual values and needs, making sure you get the most out of The Reward Portal.

Add-on features include:

  • Incentive tracks to be used for Sales incentives and HR initiatives such as health and safety
  • Participant newsfeed in social media style, to help engage participants and promote a reward culture
  • Peer to peer nominations to encourage positive behaviour
  • Celebrate event options will allow you to pre-programme a specific date so you’ll never miss an event – perfect for birthdays!
  • Programme management for those who would like a bit more support with set up, portal management and best practice
  • Budget and authority delegation to give full visibility into managing your portal – including reward spend, ROI calculations, redemption behaviour and scheme usage

Find out more about The Reward Portal, or would like one of our expert team to take you through the best options for your business, please get in touch

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Great choice

We wanted an online system that would allow our employees to select a reward they would really appreciate, and we were particularly impressed with The Reward Portal’s extensive range of media, electronics and jewellery.

Ingeus HR Director