Improving outcomes for Public Authorities

Improving outcomes for Public Authorities

Create efficiencies, optimise budgets and improve outcomes

Sodexo is a renowned provider of Government Services around the globe, creating innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of central and local authorities.

Sodexo understands that the public sector faces a number of challenges. Beyond the need to improve quality of life for the people it serves, each authority must be seen to reduce costs, streamline processes and deliver results. Working with Sodexo provides:
  • Proven return on investment

    Sodexo's bespoke solutions offer greater control, transparency and management of funds, and create material administrative efficiencies with the use of tried and tested technologies. 
  • Behavioural insight

    Detailed transactional data can be gathered easily; macro data can be used to better understand the needs and behaviour of service users thus informing future requirements.
  • Continuity of service & security of tenure

    Working with Sodexo provides solidity and financial assurance. Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services has been a long term provider of payment solutions for the UK Home Office, the Ministry of Defence and many public bodies including Police Forces and NHS Trusts.


To find out how Sodexo can improve outcomes for your authority, please contact Alex Stenning, Government Services Director >