Improving quality of life for the people you serve

Improving quality of life for the people you serve

Make a positive impact on individuals by transforming the management of public services

Sodexo is a renowned provider of Government Services around the globe, creating effective payment solutions to address the evolving needs of central and local authorities.

Sodexo understands the challenges the public sector faces in creating a fair and affordable welfare system. In addition to the ongoing pressures associated with reducing costs and creating efficiencies, authorities must also strive to improve outcomes for users, support 'welfare to work' policies and increase financial independence amongst recipients.
We firmly believe that our solutions can encourage behavioural change and improve the life chances of families. Our solutions can support people in tackling social issues and help them on the road to financial and social inclusion. Working with Sodexo to improve the management of public services, such as welfare payments, can improve:
  • Financial and social inclusion

    With no need to link to a bank account, welfare payment cards can be used as an intermediary tool to assist financially excluded people to become financially literate and able to use bank accounts.

    Welfare payment cards work just like debit cards, allowing people to use them discretely. Thus there is no stigma attached to using the cards.

    Welfare payment cards enable and encourage users to budget. Certain benefit streams can be protected in order to ensure that recipients have enough money to pay bills, whilst the visibility of the remaining balance on the card encourages proactive management of funds by the user. Balances can be accessed via ATM, telephone, apps or websites as required.


  • Personal security

    With the funds allocated to a chip and PIN card, unlike cash, there is reduced risk of losing the funds. Cards can also be cancelled and balances transferred if they are lost, stolen or damaged.


To find out how Sodexo can improve quality of life for the people your authority serves, please contact Alex Stenning, Government Services Director >