Multi-store gift Vouchers

Multi-store gift Vouchers

Join the SayShopping Pass retailer network today and be part of an easy to use rewarding scheme!

Increase your customer base and revenue by joining the SayShopping network.

About SayShopping vouchers

SayShopping Pass is the multi-store gift voucher from Sodexo. It has a carefully selected network of over 60 retailers and has been on the market for over 5 years.

What’s more, you can be confident in the brand because Sodexo is a worldwide leader in motivation solutions, working with 380,000 companies in 33 countries to help motivate more than 27 million people. We have experience supporting large and small companies in a range of sectors. We can help you create an environment for your business to succeed.

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Why join the SayShopping retailer network?

  • Increase footfall
    We offer our retailer network members unique access to several closed user groups. These include Sodexo employees throughout the UK, which totals over 34,000.
  • Financial security
    Sodexo is a name you can trust and rely on – all vouchers are paid prior to issue, so there is no credit risk and redemption is quick and continuous. We also have regular internal audits and compliance checks.
  • Access to a new communication channel
    You will have your own page on our website; your logo will be included in brochures and communications to our customers.
  • Promotional offers
    Why not become a Top 10 retailer on our network and gain exclusive first hand access to our customers and closed user groups through unique promotions?

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Gained additional revenue

Accepting multi-store gift vouchers has, without doubt, brought us additional revenue.

Business Service Controller Debenhams