Online Reward Platform

Online Reward Platform

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The Reward Portal  helps infuse a recognition culture by empowering managers with an easy to use tool. Points for rewards or recognition can then be redeemed against an extensive market priced catalogue with over 1800 gifts.

What is The Reward Portal – Premium?

The Reward Portal - Premium is the next generation in incentive and recognition. It allows HR departments to deliver an ambitious incentive and recognition strategy. It also helps infuse a recognition culture in companies by empowering managers with an easy to use tool. Points for being rewarded or recognised are then redeemed against an extensive market priced catalogue.


Why work with Sodexo?

Sodexo is a worldwide leader in motivation solutions, working with 380,000 companies in 33 countries to help motivate more than 27 million people. We have experience supporting large and small companies in a range of sectors. We can help you create an environment for your business to succeed.

  • The Sodexo Group has been implementing successful incentive and recognition programmes in many countries for a number of years, so we have fantastic experience in this field.
  • We only work with partners that have been carefully selected for their expertise and can offer market priced items.
  • Increase awareness of your brand and generate more revenue through exposure to a focused user group.

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