I want to reward my sales team

Finding a solution that will motivate and reward your sales team for their hard work and continued performance is hard. At Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services we have carefully created solutions that allow you to successfully reward your sales team.

The Reward Portal – Premium can be used to create sales incentive tracks and drive motivation day after day.

The Reward Portal – Off the shelf will allow you to create consistency in the rewarding of your sales team through an online portal.

Our multi-store gift vouchers, SayShopping Pass are perfect for ‘on the spot’ rewarding.

Online Reward Platform

The Reward Portal is the next generation in incentive and recognition.


Simply Gift

Our Visa gift card can be spent at some of the best known high street and online brands


Multi-store gift Vouchers

Our multi-store gift vouchers can be used in many well-known retailers and are a great way to reward


Gift Experiences

Five premium gift boxes, an ideal seasonal bonus for valued staff, customers and businesses

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