Online Reward Platform

Online Reward Platform

The Reward Portal is an advanced online platform for engagement and incentivising

It fully supports you in delivering ambitious incentives, or impactful engagement campaigns for your customers, partners and sales team.

What is The Reward Portal?

The Reward Portal is an online solution to incentivise customer, partner and team engagement. Whether you’re looking to deliver a simple reward scheme or an ambitious incentive or engagement campaign, The Reward Portal can be tailored to suit your individual reward needs.

Send gifts or allocate points from a market-priced catalogue of over 1800 gifts for hassle-free rewarding. For more complex initiatives, simply choose from the additional features to create your very own platform, aligned to your company’s individual values and needs.

Why reward?

The value of rewarding is becoming more critical to UK businesses, with organisations that actively practice non-cash incentive and recognition reaping the benefits. A structured reward programme can help increase engagement, retain top talent, promote positive behaviours and values, create a motivated working environment and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Here are some examples of reward initiatives that The Reward Portal can be used to support:

  • Above and beyond performance
  • Referrals
  • Team rewards
  • Market research
  • Surveys
  • Bright suggestions
  • Peer to peer nomination
  • Achieving targets
  • Partner rewarding
  • Seasonal gifting
  • Bonuses
  • Or just to say thank you for a job well done

Engagement drives performance; so if you’re looking to implement an engaging and motivating reward strategy, or just want to talk to us about how we can tailor The Reward Portal for your individual needs, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today!

Find the right reward for your business

At Sodexo, we believe that a little bit of rewarding can go a long way. We also understand that all businesses are different, and one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. So whether you’re looking for instant, ah-hoc rewards, or a structured programme, we have options to suit all business needs. Take a look at our short video to find the right reward for your business.

 Alternatively, get in touch if you’d like us to talk it through with you.


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Great choice

We wanted an online system that would allow our employees to select a reward they would really appreciate, and we were particularly impressed with The Reward Portal’s extensive range of media, electronics and jewellery.

Ingeus HR Director